Father Ted – 20 years on!

“And after the break stay tuned for a new comedy series based on the lives of three hilarious Irish priests and their quirky housekeeper”

It was 20 years ago today, the night of April 21st, 1995, that the first ever episode of “Father Ted” was aired on Channel 4.

A new comedy was born, and so many years on it is still as funny as ever, perhaps even getting better with age.

I had afternoon tea in the house recently, located in the heart of the Burren, listening to tales from the McCormack family who own it of the magical days when Ted was being filmed at their home. It really seems like the entire cast and crew became part of the McCormack family during this time, and you can feel the love and warmth they have for the production, knowing it was something golden that they were lucky to be a part of.

You will pay €10 per person for unimaginable amounts of tea and treats such as home made brown bread, scones, brownies, cream, jams, stories of old endless photo opportunities at the famous front door and using some of the original props from the series – well worth the road trip: http://www.fathertedshouse.com/

There has been spectacular moments, right throughout the Fr Ted series, and these are some of my favourites.

Happy Anniversary Ted!

Get your hands on these Fr Ted prints here: http://bit.ly/frtedprints 

Ah go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on…..

(Please click to enlarge)

Father Ted Framed Print

Fr Ted Framed Print

Dougal_Sampras_©Elaine Kellegher Photography & Design 2015

Fr Dougal Framed Print

Fr Jack PrintFr Jack Framed Print

Mrs Doyle_PatMustard_©Elaine Kellegher Photography & Design 2015

Mrs Doyle Framed Print

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