Did you know that since the 15th century, illustrated greetings have been sent. Commercial card production started back as far as the 1860s, and since then, millions of messages have been sent on greeting cards all over the world.

Greeting cards create an emotional connection between the sender and recipient and some serious feel-good factors. The good news is that the benefits to mental wellbeing are numerous. Knowing that someone has taken the time to choose, write and send a card sends a clear message to the recipient that you really care and want to keep in touch.

For an anniversary or birthday, the sender will feel really appreciated, a sympathy card communicates comfort, a get well card will inspire hope, a just because will release lots of amazing endorphins, and so on.

The receiver and the sender, both benefits psychologically. Research shows that being kind and generous through such things as sending or receiving a greeting card lead to a much more positive mood and greater happiness through keeping us emotionally connected. So, go on – let those people know just how important they are to you and get yourself some feel-good factor today! 

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