LAINEY K and BEO Wellness Events


LAINEY K and BEO Wellness Event

The brainchild of founders Aoibhín Garrihy and Sharon Connellan, BEO (the Irish translation for life) inspires, motivates and encourages self-care for the mind, body and soul – specialising in bespoke events – connecting like-minded people.

LAINEY K is your wonderful world of greeting cards and wall art – designed to give you a feel-good factor every time you see them. Each piece is imagined, designed, and created by me, Elaine Kellegher, in Ireland.

BEO and LAINEY K both share a mission of communicating messages of self- care, and well-being, and want to make you feel good.

Connecting with people is proven to be great for our social, emotional, and physical well-being. Sending a LAINEY K greeting card to someone special is a great way of connecting, and improving well-being for both you, and your recipient. If you are attending BEO this weekend in The Marker Hotel, you will get your mitts on some #LAINEYKSurprises. With BEO, I am inviting you to get writing a LAINEY K Greeting Card, get sending, get connecting and get improving Ireland’s overall well-being!

Self-care and well-being are extremely close to my heart. Therefore I am thrilled that LAINEY K will be part of the BEO Wellness event in the Marker Hotel this weekend. Enjoy the event!

It’s a sold out event, but there are lots more to look forward to:


Some of the #LAINEYKSurprises you’ll get at the BEO Wellness Event:




I am BLOOMIN’ excited to announce that LAINEY K is returning to Bloom in the Park this year – 31st May – 4th June 2018! The LAINEY K pop-up will be in the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland Craft Village!

So to celebrate, I am giving away two tickets to the event!! This June Bank Holiday Weekend you and a mate could be gallivanting around Bloom in the Phoenix Park!

HOW TO ENTER: All you have to do is like LaineyK Facebook page, and share this post!

The tickets can be used on any day of the festival. Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced on the LAINEY K Facebook page before the show!

Bloom, bloom, bloom, let me hear you say YAY!!!

The Rising

1916 Proclamation PrintI am not a hugely political person, but the personal stories of the men and women of 1916 made me stop and listen. They were just like you and me – living their day to day lives…workers…dreamers…all hoping of a better Ireland. They are an inspiration and their extraordinary courage is something we can all learn from.

This print from my wall art collection is dedicated to them.

#LAINEYK #IrishDesign #TheRising #Ireland1916

Love is in the Éire

LAINEY K Marriage Referendum cardGet your hands on this limited edition card now:

Once in a while a referendum comes along which really pulls all of our heartstrings, leaving us with an overwhelming desire to go out and make sure we have our say.

On May 22nd 2015, we can help make an amendment to the Constitution which will change forever what it means to grow up LGBT in Ireland. We helped make this change for our friends, but also for Ireland – the place we call home, the place we call the land of a thousand welcomes…

It was all about equality. It was all about love.

I have have designed limited edition cards to mark the referendum and the huge celebration that it is.

You can get your hands on my “Love is in the Éire” card, and more here: SHOP HERE



A very thoughtful dad

This weekend was a memorable one for many reasons, but mostly for my brief meeting with one very thoughtful dad in Dun Laoghaire, where I was exhibiting on Sunday.

He spent some time looking through my prints, whilst quietly telling me that his daughter is currently going through a tough time. He wanted to surprise her with one of my prints to help set her back on the right track. He decided on “LIFE IS A STORY” – a print that tells you to be brave, worry less and to ultimately try to make your life story a ‘best seller’!

Since I started designing and making, this has been one of the most rewarding moments for me – because that’s what it’s all about. With all of my designs, I create with the aim of giving people a giggle and a feel good factor every time they see them. I hope this print goes a little bit of the way to making her feel better.

Such a lovely and thoughtful dad. x

Life is a Story_frame_Elaine Kellegher Photography & Design


Six Irish destinations have been listed on Lonely Planet’s must-see sights of all time

Good news for Ireland: Six Irish destinations have been listed on Lonely Planet’s world top 500 must-see sights of all time! They include sites in Meath, Clare, Tipperary and Antrim all got on the list. If you needed any more proof that Ireland is a beautiful country, you have it right here, right now!

1. # 103 – The Giant’s Causeway

2. # 224 – Bru na Boinne

3. #378 – The Cliffs of Moher

4. #424 – The Titanic visitor centre

5. #468 – Trinity College in Dublin

6. #497 – The Rock of Cashel

Head of Communications, Alex Connolly, speaking about the listings, said:

The Irish sights which made it onto the list reflect the range of attractions Ireland has to offer and demonstrate that for a small country, Ireland is certainly punching above its weight internationally.

Ireland is just full of amazing destinations, and some of my favs that didn’t make the Lonely Planet cut are:
1. Kenmare, Co. Kerry
2. Dingle, Co. Kerry
3. The Hill Of Skryne, Co. Meath
4. Ballycotton walk, Co. Cork
 Ballycotton 2
5. The Ring Of Kerry
6. The Hill Of Tara, Co. Meath
Hill of Tara
7. Galway City
Galway City
8. Dalgan Park, Co. Meath
 Dalgan Park
9. Gougane Barra, Cork
Gougane Barra

Rose of Tralee – They all have lovely bottoms!

The Rose of Tralee (our cultural institution) is loved and loathed in equal measure, and if you happen to have grown up watching the Rose, as I did, it’s very possible that you feel both of these emotions in tandem! It’s an event that is open to it’s fair share of ‘paddywhackery’ – so here’s my contribution. ‪#‎roseoftralee‬ ‪#‎frted‬ ‪#‎irishdesign‬


Father Ted – 20 years on!

“And after the break stay tuned for a new comedy series based on the lives of three hilarious Irish priests and their quirky housekeeper”

It was 20 years ago today, the night of April 21st, 1995, that the first ever episode of “Father Ted” was aired on Channel 4.

A new comedy was born, and so many years on it is still as funny as ever, perhaps even getting better with age.

I had afternoon tea in the house recently, located in the heart of the Burren, listening to tales from the McCormack family who own it of the magical days when Ted was being filmed at their home. It really seems like the entire cast and crew became part of the McCormack family during this time, and you can feel the love and warmth they have for the production, knowing it was something golden that they were lucky to be a part of.

You will pay €10 per person for unimaginable amounts of tea and treats such as home made brown bread, scones, brownies, cream, jams, stories of old endless photo opportunities at the famous front door and using some of the original props from the series – well worth the road trip:

There has been spectacular moments, right throughout the Fr Ted series, and these are some of my favourites.

Happy Anniversary Ted!

Get your hands on these Fr Ted prints here: 

Ah go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on…..

(Please click to enlarge)

Father Ted Framed Print

Fr Ted Framed Print

Dougal_Sampras_©Elaine Kellegher Photography & Design 2015

Fr Dougal Framed Print

Fr Jack PrintFr Jack Framed Print

Mrs Doyle_PatMustard_©Elaine Kellegher Photography & Design 2015

Mrs Doyle Framed Print